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Fabrizio Chierichetti Pabryoda

Who I am

My name is Fabrizio Chierichetti and Pabryoda is my stage name.
I was born in Busto Arsizio 23 February 1971. I am an artist, I paint, I sculpt and I enjoy strumming the guitar.
Many times people ask me what it means Pabryoda, is my nick name that I made up, and chose when I created my first email in 2000.
I’m a fan of Star Wars, and my stage name is composed of Pabry, a nickname by which my Filipino friends to call me when I was working at McDonalds, and great Jedi Master Yoda of Star Wars, this explains Pabryoda.
When I attended the Professional Institute of St. Catherine of Siena in Milan, began to look at graffiti everywhere, Rap music wafted in the classroom and with his friend Gigo had fun drawing graffiti on paper with our names or anything, so I decided to take Yoda as an art name and I used to sign my drawings and paintings, until recently, when I decided it was time to adopt definitely Pabryoda.

Studies and profession

Before finishing the eighth grade, my mother gave me the classic question:

“What you want to do in high school or vocational school after middle school?”

That question made me think immediately of an incident a year earlier.
At the time I was living in Legnano, my parents were separated, and I and my sister Silvia ended an afternoon at the home of a girl who was a high school, and that day could cure us.

We played and did my homework, but she was still doing her and I was fascinated by what he did, he was stirring in a glass jar a blue tempera, the mixed and sought the right viscosity by adding water.
For me it was a revelation, a school that made you draw. So the question of my mother replied:

“I want to make the artistic high school!”

My excitement died at that time with the replica of my mother, in summary said something like:

“Fabrizio, you like to draw and you’re good but you do not like to study, the artistic high school lasts five years and at the end you should go to university or to study at the Academy of Brera and another 5 years to have a chance to work. It is better if you go for a vocational school, Graphic Design is fine, you can stop to take three years and the qualification or have five years and reach maturity, in both cases you go out with a piece of paper that allows you to go find a job”.

That’s how I became a Graphic Designer.

Artist Graphic Designer

Artist, painter, sculptor, his work experience in graphics and communication started in 1992.

His skills regarding art allowed him to work in several high-level creative sectors, getting experience in video editing, animation, web games and collaborating for important names such as EBAY ITALIA, SORGENIA, LIERAC, MILUPA, CHICCO ARTSANA, FERRERO.

He has acquired Team Leader and Project Manager experience in workgroups and graphics departments as Art Director. Since 2000 he works in the web, since 2010 he uses WordPress for the website development.

Since 2008 he has embarked on a training course that has led him to read books and to attend courses with T.Harv Eker, Kiyosaki. He started with the Bardolla’s course on creating a Business, topics such as Wealth Management and Company Creation gave him an ever-expanding view about this world and they given him the urge to study for its personal growth topics such as Marketing, Team Building, Leadership, Brand identity, Public Speacking, etc.


Hoana means family (Lilo & Stitch 2002)

This is my family. I found it on my own. It is small, but beautiful disaster. Yes, really nice. (Stitch)

What else?

I think it’s a little truth that applies to all, it is so simple and profound. Perfection is like a mirage that you are shown by the company to make you feel small and powerless to control you, perfection is imperfection.

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